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As expert for stress & anxiety treatments in the UK, I'm often being interviewed by national publications, international podcasts and other media.


Find out what I have to say about mental health, sleep, solution-focused therapy and check out my most recent media mentions: 


"Mornings with Kaye Adams & Jackie Brambles"

Gin has been interviewed for several features, e.g. about germophobia, bipolar disorder and manic depression. 

"The couples who fell out of love in lockdown"

Lizzie Cernik writes about the impact of lockdown on our relationships and talks to Gin about the psychology behind it. 


"Does sleeping badly run in the family?"

In Charlotte Lytton's article, Gin explains how children copy their parents and what that means for their sleeping habits.


"6 ways you can handle election anxiety"

Gin shares her top six tips on how to manage your anxiety during the US election.

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"Time to bring mental health issues out from the darkness"

The Institute of Directors interviews Gin in their quarterly magazine about her work, her goals and what keeps her up at night.


"Five tips to help you stop nervous habits"

Whether you're chewing pens or biting your nails, if you want to get rid of a nervous habit, check out Gin's tips on how to stop.


"Stressbuckets with Gin Lalli"

In the World of Work podcast, Jane and James talk to Gin about stress, the concept of the stress bucket, how different people experience stress and what they can do to overcome it.

"The Stressbucket Lady of Edinburgh"

Gin talks to Marlene Lowe about how to choose the right therapist and debunks a few rumours about hypnotherapy.

"All about psychotherapy"

On her podcast, Shirley talks to Gin about all things psychotherapy, stress & anxiety treatment and how to get better sleep.

"Business lessons learned during lockdown"

Petra Smith from Squirrels & Bears collected key business lessons learned during the pandemic with Gin sharing her thoughts.


Breign Podcast:

"The Invisible Pandemic"

In this episode of the Breign Podcast, Gin talks about the science behind stress & anxiety and how understanding it can help people.

"I found my first grey hair..."


In this article, Gin explains our reaction to ageing, greying hair and why we're worried about what other people might think. 

"Walk on the wet side"

Gin talks about the positive psychological effects of walking in the rain and the role of water metaphors in therapy.

In Praise of Sleep


In this interview with The Ampersand Project, Gin explains her approach to stress & anxiety treatment – and why good sleep is the key.


 Bold & In Business

Writer Alex Turner talks to Gin about her career and building a business as solution-focused therapist in the UK. 


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