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Updated: Mar 31

I love talking, especially about what I do and how I do it.

I often give talks and presentations on this as I believe in educating people in how the brain functions during anxiety, stress, and depression and how sleep can help. If just one person leaves one of my presentations feeling better I know I've done a good job and gives me a boost that keeps me going!

Earlier this year I was asked by Alex Turner, a health and wellness blogger, to do an interview for her. This was after Alex had attended one of my presentations and felt that she had gained clarity and realisations to further her own well-being. I was so flattered to be asked and just jumped at the chance.

It gave me an opportunity to explain how I went from a career in Optometry to Psychotherapy, via a decision to 'give it all up' and go and live on an island in the Indian Ocean for nearly 4 years!

We also talked about the underlying symptoms of stress, not just the acute and obvious symptoms, but those longstanding ones that we can ignore for a while as 'normal' but then creep up on us over time and lead to chronic stress.

However, what I loved most about this interview is Alex and I talking about our own challenges with stress and how we manage them, how some days we're just not in that correct frame of mind and how we accept that fact and not beat ourselves up over it.

Grab yourself anything decaff (wink) and settle down to hear me have a wee blether here:

So we can be Bold and be In Business but ultimately it's resilience that keeps us going.

Thank you so much Alex for the chat, we could have talked for hours, (and we have in certain coffee shops in Edinburgh! )

Gin Lalli

Gin Lalli is a Solution Focused Therapist specialising in anxiety, depression, stress and sleep. She is based in Edinburgh, Scotland

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