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Anxiety and Stress - The Common Denominator

Updated: Mar 31

Anxiety and Stress are often the root cause of many of our issues. Weight Management, Motivation, IBS symptoms and especially phobias, all have a huge underlying element of anxiety and stress. I believe that if we eliminate the stress we can eliminate the symptoms and here are 2 cases that showed me why:

Sasha came to see me for a flying phobia last year. We were on a bit of a deadline as she had a long-haul flight in 4 weeks but with 'phobia therapy' only being 4 sessions we had enough time. Guess what - it didn't work!

Sasha had so much generalised anxiety that a flying phobia was just the tip of the iceberg. She did not realise how much her anxiety and stress, in general, was affecting so many parts of her life.

Meanwhile, I was also seeing Tania. She had extreme anxiety with panic attacks and came to see me to help her with confidence. She had begun to stay indoors a lot more and not socialise. So it was general 'stress bucket emptying' for Tania. After 6 weeks as well as taking the dog out and talking to strangers she also told me her spider phobia had disappeared!

What I learned from these 2 cases, in particular, was that anxiety and stress are the common denominators - it just manifests itself in different ways with different people. Calm down the anxiety which originates in the primitive (fight-or-flight) part of the brain, get more intellectual control and you can do whatever you want!

I came to realise with Sasha that she had a lot of anxiety and stress in her life and that just manifested itself by showing up as a fear of flying. I wish I could have worked with her for a little longer and I'm sure if we had dealt with the stress of her life we would have eliminated her flying phobia completely as well.

Tania made great progress as she understood that she had a generalised anxiety and stress. And took some time and effort to be patient and really work on herself

So now, I don't offer a 'quick fix solution' to your problem. My 10-week Solution Focused Therapy programme consists of getting the real you back by doing work that will affect ALL areas of your life for the better. It's more rewarding for me too!

In Solution Focused work we don't need to know the problem - just the solution - and work towards that!

If you want to find YOUR solution, and you're prepared to put in a little time and effort, please get in touch or schedule a call to find out how I can help.

Gin Lalli

Gin Lalli is a Solution Focused Therapist specialising in anxiety, depression, stress and sleep. She is based in Edinburgh, Scotland

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