Understanding mental health in the workplace

One thing we know for sure: A stress-free worker will

always out-perform their colleague who is suffering

from work-related mental health issues.


So, while you as an employer have a legal responsibility

to help and support your staff with their mental health,

it also makes sense from a business perspective! 

A happy, productive workforce

To help improve your employees' mental health, I 

have devised a series of educational sessions with

easy-to-follow points that can be implemented immediately.

By understanding the basics of how the brain functions, your employees will be able to discuss mental health in a pragmatic and honest way, raising awareness and removing the stigma that surrounds it.


It's a great way to encourage focused conversations around mental health issues, such as anxiety and depression, and helps foster an open and caring culture in your organisation. 


Get in touch today if you're interested in destroying the myths surrounding mental health and being part of a secure, safe and stress-free working environment with a happy, productive workforce.

Immediate results

The feedback I'm getting showed raising awareness and enabling people to take immediate action as the biggest benefits.


But don't just take my word for it, check out this feedback from attendees:

“Gin’s presentation...completely blew me away”


“Every company and networking group should book her now”


“Gin is a truly wonderful and inspirational speaker”

 (find these and more reviews on my LinkedIn profile.)

And here are some of the businesses and organisations I've worked with in the past:

To book a session for your organisation, choose from these 2 options:

Option 1:

One educational session, incl. Q&A

How to Empty Your "Stress Bucket"


How the brain functions during depression, anxiety and anger. 

Option 2:

Four educational sessions, incl. Q&A

Session1: How to Empty Your "Stress Bucket"


How the brain functions during depression, anxiety and anger. 

Session 2: Your Brain is Your Business


The structure of the brain in greater detail, and how you can make efficient use of these structures to run your brain like a business.

Session 3: Control and Change


The Solution Focused approach to control and how change is created in the brain.

Session 4: Six Month Follow-up


This session includes a summary of all prior sessions and a progress check.

Create a healthy, productive workplace and a better work-life balance today and get in touch to book your sessions or find out more about me and my work with individuals.

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