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Want to find out more about Solution Focused Therapy and my approach to stress & anxiety treatment? Then have a look at my FAQ or schedule a free call!

What is the Breakthrough Session?

The Breakthrough Session normally takes 60 - 75 minutes. You will learn the science behind how your brain works and how it creates the negative thought patterns you may be currently experiencing. This provides the foundation for the continued mind management techniques that you will learn throughout your programme. We will finish with a full relaxation session, an introduction to hypnotherapy so that you leave feeling motivated and calm and you will receive a recording of this to use at home. 

Read more about the breakthrough session on my blog.

Can You Tell Me More About the Therapy

After the Breakthrough Session? 

In the appointments that follow the Breakthrough Session I will guide the conversation in a positive and solution-focused way, discussing small steps towards your preferred future (find out more here). I love getting to know people and so always look forward to finding out what makes you feel happy and motivated. I will teach you what is going on in your mind and what the latest neuroscience research is coming up with. Don’t worry about brain strain – I make it easy to understand. This gives you skills for life, to understand what is going on in your own mind so that if ever you sense your old symptoms again, you will be able to recognise what is going on and manage your feelings and emotions accordingly.

We will also include hypnotherapy - a time for you to relax and daydream for a while. I will guide you through some lovely visualisations and relaxation exercises. This is similar to mindful meditation but I want you to let your mind and imagination drift. 

  You don’t have to concentrate on every word that I say.

You will always remain in control and can get up anytime you want.  

 You don’t even have to close your eyes if you don’t want to.

 You will leave feeling refreshed and more positive immediately, just like after a good exercise class or massage. 

When Will I Begin to Notice a Difference?

Many of my clients begin to notice significant changes straight away. I feel that this is because I explain how the brain works, you can then begin to recognise and understand where your symptoms originate and this gives you a sense of control. Some clients take a little longer and this is only because everyone's mind is different. All my clients that have completed my programme have met their goals.

How Do I Know if this Therapy Would be Suitable for Me?

There are many conditions that Solution Focused Therapy can help with. It would be difficult to list them all and that is why I suggest scheduling a call with me so that we can talk confidentially.

How Does Hypnotherapy Work?

Hypnotherapy works by using an altered state of consciousness to bring about a feeling of calm and relaxation. From here we have access to the subconscious mind and thus we can use its potential to improve our lives. We call this being in a state of trance. It is used to treat a wide variety of physical and psychological issues and has significant scientific support and research which I will discuss with you and explain fully. 

Where Are the Appointments Held?

I'm working with people and businesses from all over Scotland and the UK, so my sessions are being held online using video communication like Skype or Zoom. This way, there's no need for a commute and you can create your own peaceful and relaxed space in the privacy and safety of your home or a place of your choosing. All video connections are protected and encrypted to ensure privacy and confidentiality.  

Book a free introductory phone call today – I look forward to showing you how Solution Focused Therapy can help manage your mind, thoughts and feelings to achieve all your goals.

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