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Experiencing stress or anxiety? Suffering sleep disorders or IBS? Solution Focused Therapy can help you manage stress & anxiety, treat depression & sleep disorders & keep your stress bucket empty!

Stress, anxiety & depression are becoming an ever-increasing issue in modern times. Continued 

negative thoughts can overwhelm us, creating harmful behaviour and often adding physical symptoms to the mix. 


I am a Solution Focused Therapist based in the UK, specialising in stress & anxiety management, helping you get back on track.

Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focused Therapy for stress & anxiety management uses a combination of scientifically backed techniques to help you create change. These techniques include the best elements of:


  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Solution Focused talking therapy

  • Hypnotherapy


This approach allows us to create a bespoke programme for you, tailored to your needs & goals and flexible throughout our work together. And, best of all, you will begin to notice changes quite quickly. 


The aim of this stress & anxiety treatment is to eliminate your symptoms and give you the tools you need to keep them under control. And you will have my full attention: I only take on a limited number of clients at any one time, so I can focus on helping you.


Another benefit of Solution Focused Therapy is that it’s about directing your attention to going forward rather looking than back. Let’s focus on the positive future that you want to create for yourself and make the changes that are right for you!


There are many conditions Solution Focused Therapy can help you overcome – more than I can list here. If you want to find out more, I’d be happy to have a chat about anything you want my help with.


If you're interested in finding out what Solution Focused Therapy sessions look like, check out my 3-part blog series for more details. 


If that sounds of interest to you, schedule a free call,

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Stress & Anxiety Management

My stress & anxiety management programme is milestone-based, tailored to your individual goals. After speaking with you and listening to your needs, we will select the elements required for your bespoke, tailored programme. And then we will focus on overcoming your issues and start living your life free from cognitive barriers


The programme usually lasts up to 10 weeks with regular appointments – online via video communication like Skype or Zoom. At each appointment, we will work together on solutions for your journey to living the life you desire. 


"At my initial consultation I knew I had found the therapy, and indeed the therapist, for me"

Carri Smith

Elements of your Solution Focused Therapy

£ 795 (for up to 10 weeks)

First Appointment:

 Breakthrough Session

(75-90 minutes)

Relaxation Recording (from your Breakthrough Session)

Understanding how your mind works & the science behind it

Learning suitable stress management 


Full email & text

support during treatment 

A book of my choosing to aid you with your progress

Regular appointments after initial session (50 minutes)

Duration of stress & anxiety treatment: up to 10 weeks

Recommendations for books, videos, 


Client Testimonials 

    "I had 8 sessions with Gin. I warned her at the start that I would be her biggest challenge! I think deep down I believed no one could help me. How wrong I was! I was lucky enough to have Gin and she can perform miracles!

   I had a deep rooted fear of lifts, escalators and other phobias emerging. By end of 8 sessions guess who goes in lifts - who got on the London Eye!!!!?? The impact my family has been fantastic and I feel empowered. I can't thank Gin enough, she is AMAZING!!! Go and book a session with Gin - it will change your life!"    Elaine Brown

    "I arranged some Skype sessions with Gin to help me deal with my insomnia, but the benefits I got went far deeper than that.  It’s hard to explain, but basically a session with her is like a spring-clean for the brain ! 

   I never knew my mind could be so calm and still.  The experience I had in the sessions has helped me in every aspect of my life: to be more relaxed and focused, and less distracted.  Quite a major win after just four sessions !"    VP

    "My mind became more focused week on week. I very quickly had decided what behaviours I will and won't accept towards me. I started building positive networks again. Every day I'm moving forward. I went through some boxes from 10 years ago and decluttered both memories and things as I no longer need them to remind me of the real strong person that I am. 

   I would definitely recommend friends to use this service. Already have started speaking to friends about parts of my therapy as I wanted to show them that I have shifted my mindset from a messy box to a much tidier one and I'm back in control again."    Ms K

    "Gin’s soothing voice allowed me to completely let go and get the benefit of the sessions. Every week, I was looking forward to my time as I could feel and see my progress. Gin adapted the sessions to my needs, and little by little I have felt more relaxed, more in control of my life, I exercise, I make the time for myself and I also finally felt ready to stop smoking, and have been for 3 weeks now! Something I never thought I could achieve!

  This has been an amazing success overall...I am amazed at how she has been able to help me change my life and make it look so easy."    MW

    "I now love hypnotherapy !  I’ve tried many different types of healing modalities.  Each has its pros and cons, but hypnotherapy is fascinating because it positively rewires the brain without the need to go through childhood root causes or hashing out negative memories. It’s a program that trains the brain to be more positive, to find one’s own solutions (subconsciously), and in general, to be happier...Gin is now the first line of therapy I recommend to anyone who needs help with something, or just a boost !"                                                         LK

    "Hugely effective in alleviating anxiety. I had 6 sessions with Gin to help me manage my anxiety. Although I was sceptical at the beginning, Gin explained the process and the science behind it really well and was very happy to answer my questions. She is very easy to talk to and clearly cares about getting the right results for the client. 

   My anxiety is now under control and I am much more able to focus on my work and coming up with solutions to any issues myself. Although the weekly sessions have finished, I plan to book a some refresher sessions in a few months time as I now realise the value of this process. It has made a huge difference to my life. I’d highly recommend Gin’s services, even for fellow sceptics!"    Laura

    "Great Techniques !  I met Gin at an introductory group session and then I had 6-7 sessions one-to-one. When I met Gin I was unhappy in my current job but felt unable to bring about change. Through the sessions and techniques I was able to start to make decisions with confidence and clarity. 
   Gin made me feel comfortable and at ease throughout the process. She welcomed questions and was open about the techniques being used.  I highly recommend trying hypnotherapy with Gin if you are feeling anxious and want to regain perspective.  Although I have completed my course with Gin, I may well return for a little top up in future."    

    "Working with Gin has transformed my life. I went from feeling very insecure in myself and therefore everything around me, to feeling confident and decisive. I can have conversations without getting emotional, I understand the logic behind my thinking, and all of this after just three sessions with Gin. I highly recommend Gin for any issues you might be facing. She has also had a big influence on how I manage my chronic fatigue syndrome."    Marlene Lowe

    "The Postive Spinner !  Gin was fantastic at keeping me positive! I was able to relax every session. The recording I used before bed always helped me get right to sleep. I still frequently use that recording. I noticed how at first I had a hard time pointing out positive things going on in my life, but the last few sessions I had so much positive information for her that she was the one having to move things along since I could have kept going haha. I could even turn a negative thing into something positive after several sessions!

   I know I can always reach out to her if I need another session. She is very flexible with scheduling. She did more for me over facetime than most counselors have done for me in person. I would highly recommend her hypnotherapy for anyone trying to avoid negativity in their life!!!"    Nicole

    "Logical and Brilliant Therapist for the Skeptics!!  Skeptic or not, Gin brilliantly breaks down the science behind why this technique is so powerful. She adjusts her style to the person – my sister had a very different approach than I had (I needed more explanation of the process), yet the results of our sessions were both outstanding. 
   Gin also has great energy, compassion, passion, and healing capabilities. I also appreciated her wit to take me through the times even when I was the most resistant. I had a handful of sessions with her. After those sessions, she propelled me to a different level of happiness and SELF-fulfillment that I don’t think I would have achieved on my own. 
   Thanks to Gin & this great Hypnotherapy technique!"    
Lindsay Lenn

    "The best decision I made !  Gin was recommended to me by a friend for help with my panic attacks. At my initial consultation I knew I'd found the therapy, and indeed the therapist, for me. Gin explained how my mind was working with such clarity that I almost cried at the relief of understanding what was going on inside my head. After one session I felt re-empowered and I quickly regained control over the next few sessions; not just over my panic attacks, but in fact many elements of my life started falling into place. I was soon cured of panic attacks and now know what I need to do should I feel panicky in future.

   I continue to see Gin because hypnotherapy has other positive effects on my life - I am setting myself new goals and achieving them with ease. Gin is highly knowledgable and professional and creates a lovely therapeutic environment. I would not hesitate in recommending Gin Lalli and if anyone is considering hypnotherapy then I'd encourage them to take the step and arrange a consultation. Nothing to lose and everything to gain!"    Carri Smith

 --- full testimonials are available for reference ---

Note:  Therapy results may vary and success is not guaranteed. Full client commitment is essential.


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